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KAIROS CHANGING LIVES/VERANDER LEWENS is a Non-Profit Organisation with reference number : 170-129 NPO. KAIROS “Changing Lives” means, “Make use of every opportunity”, to describe it further, means to work for God Timely, In Time or in a Specific Season. Kairos is also registered as a PBO and 18A certificates for tax purposes will be issued yearly. 

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KAIROS originated as a result of an eye surgeon that did an operation on a learner from Laerskool Generaal Nicolaas Smit. The surgeon put it into words by saying: “We must thank GOD for this and that HE deserves all the glory as this was a KAIROS moment where GOD touched lives and changed them forever.”

This is how God uses normal people to be disciples (Good Samaritans) that will pick up the poor, the broken and the lost so they can make a lasting change in the lives of someone else. Luke 10:25.

KAIROS has different projects but our Primary purpose is not only to change a life but a whole posterity!

KAIROS supports children from pre-school, primary school and high school to develop their full potential. Poverty can only be broken by education and qualifications (Tertiary education as well as trades are being sponsored!)  

Some of these learners attend schools in the East of Pretoria that has hostels where the circumstances are much better for them to achieve. We also placed learners in schools with hostels such as Delmas. The cost for this is enormous and is about R3500.00 per month per child then we also try to give them some pocket money so they can also feel that they fit into the mainstream with other children. Currently we have 3 primary school and five high school learners in hostels. We also sponsor +-15 other learners in our community on a regular basis. We also have students that we support with handbooks, clothing, transport etc.

Parents are unemployed and KAIROS try to change this by doing skills audits and keeping record of this so that the whole family can benefit from this. Parents are placed at schools, industries, small and large companies on a voluntarily basis so we can see what they are capable of doing. Once they proof that they are trustworthy they receive a reference letter and are added to our data base for approved employees that provides more security to potential employers.

KAIROS has become a beacon of hope to a large part of the community in a very short time. Schools, churches and other welfare organisations ask for help daily as poverty literally increases over night. Sometimes we have parents that work only so they can have a roof over their heads but they can’t even afford to buy bread. We currently assist between 160 to 200 families with food parcels. 

We provide learners with food before school in the morning as learners cannot learn on an empty stomach (bread project before school) they also receive a healthy cooked meal daily (this project was started by Dr. Pierre Edwards of Affies).

Providing school clothes, sportswear, medication and even excursion money (this is to make sure that we improve the children’s self-esteem instead of breaking it down). 

Ensuring single mothers receive food parcels, giving them something to eat to gain energy and strength to look for work.

Parents losing their jobs result in a lot of children not even having a bed. For this we need donations such as furniture.

Assist High schools such as Hercules and HTS with their feeding program.

There are so many success stories and testimony’s:

  •          Learners that are excellent teachers today;
  •          A learner from a children’s home that is the owner of a phenomenal business;
  •          Learners that became engineers;
  •          Various learners that became successful craftsmen;
  •          Even a successful ambulance service that started with training of medical personnel etc.

Not only does this change one life but future generations are changed in one “KAIROS MOMENT”

We do realise that circumstances can change at any moment for anybody therefor we are grateful for any help that we receive from sponsors. It is only with the help from sponsors that still believe in charity and reaching out to the less fortunate that we can help others to regain their pride and sense of worth.

what can we help with?

  • Feeding Scheme
  • Housing
  • Study Aid
  • Job Creation
  • Elderly Support
  • Disabled Persons
  • Single Parent Support
  • Support for the Homeless
  • Schools Feeding Program
  • Boarding School Placements
  • Bible Distribution 

Kairos in the Media

Kwela did a short piece on the Feeding Scheme introduced to schools where pupils get prepared meals on a daily basis. Feel free to watch the insert…

Newspaper sales / die koerantverkoper

Parents often do incredible things to generate an income, however small, to support their kids. This lady starts at 1 am selling newspapers in the hope of making enough money to buy the essentials such as bread. 

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